Dust Till Dawn – Library Music

We dig into the dusty archives of Library Music, discovering a wonderful cast of musical pioneers with the strangest pseudonyms in the game.

Show notes:
1. Firstly, do please consider supporting / watching the holy grail of films “The Library Music Film”.
2. Johnny Trunk runs the eclectic, marvelous Trunk Records and has published The Music Library, “an exhaustive compilation of cover artwork from some of the most important and beautiful library records produced throughout the 1960s, 1970s and early 1980s”. 
3. David Hollander (artist, filmmaker, extensive collector of artist-made films and library music, co-founder of CineMarfa) has a great interview on Library Music and also released “Unusual Sounds” , “a deep dive into this hidden musical universe from writer and filmmaker David Hollander. The book features histories, interviews, and extraordinary visuals from the field’s most celebrated creators, along with original art by Robert Beatty and a foreword by George A. Romero”. It is gorgeous.
4. “The Music Library”, a radio show hosted by Paul Sandell and Will Clark of EMI Production Music on Soho Music. The program is dedicated to shining a light on standout library music, both new and old.
5. Luke Vibert’s Nuggets compendiums, the short-lived Cinemaphonic series that originated on Emperor Norton, and the numerous self-titled compilations put out by Italian reissue label Easy Tempo.
6. BBC Radiophonic Music compilation
7. Bite Hard: The Music Of De Wolfe Studio Sampler 1972-80.