Romperayo – Uyuyuis Album Review

Originally posted on Sounds and Colours, you can read the full review here.

Romperayo have a sound at once instantly recognisable and yet vaguely unplaceable. Their latest release Uyuyuis is a welcome addition to their eclectic repertoire.

Self-describing themselves as a “musical journey combining tropical sounds from the Colombian coasts with minimalist electronica”, they have in turn been characterised as blending everything from native punk, champeta and vallenato to Caribbean zouk. Their 2015 album Los Curas Rebeldes was seen in many ways a homage to cumbia rebajada from Monterrey, Mexico, as seen on tracks like “Dando Vueltas en Ovni” y “Tuntuna Rebajada”.

They are led by percussionist Pedro Ojeda, the driving beat for many of the biggest bands in Colombia’s alternative and psico-tropicalismo scene (Frente Cumbiero, Meridian Brothers, Sidestepper, Chúpame el Dedo).

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